When Pets are More Important than Dates

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Many people would rather stay at home when their beloved dog or cat is not feeling well. According to a new survey by M&S Pet Insurance, people will cancel their dates if their pet is not well.

According to the research, 52% of the respondents would choose their pet over their partner in cases where there is unexpected illness. Only 26% of men will choose relationship which shows that people love their pets so much.

David Wells, the head of the insurance said that he was not surprised with the results.

“Pet owners often have a close bond with their animals as they are often a predictable presence in our ever-changing lives, providing unconditional love, emotional support and companionship,” he pointed out.

“Therefore, when a new partner comes along it is not surprising that they need to love the pet as much as the person.”

There are also people who are willing to put their work at risk for the sake of a sick pet. It was found out that 11% of the owners stayed at home to nurse a sick pet and a similar proportion have taken time to grieve for a lost pet.

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