Stopping Dog Aggression: Does Breed Matter?

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Some dog owners anticipate stopping dog aggression when they get a new pet pooch but others do not. This is a fact and is largely related to the breed of the individual dog in question. For example, you may expect to put stopping dog aggression plans in your agenda when adopting a Rottweiler but not when adopting a Labrador. Although the latter?s nature is generally more easy going, that does not mean that stopping dog aggression is not on your horizon. Why? Because aggressive dog behavior is not unique to certain breeds. It can and does affect all breeds, with around 1% of every single breed going displaying aggressive tendencies.

Accepting this is actually the first step towards stopping dog aggression completely. Many owners go into denial when witnessing aggressive behaviour. Their Labradors, Greyhounds, Boxers, Pugs and other breeds may be easy going by nature but any of them may display aggression. Thinking it is cute or that you imagined it may make you feel better but it will not help your dog.

All breeds are capable of aggression, regardless of their nature or their purpose. Environmental factors can lead to aggression. Abuse can lead to aggression. Natural competition within the house can lead to aggression. You must accept that your dog’s breed makes no difference and only then will you be ready to start the process of stopping dog aggression.

There really is no such thing as aggressive dog breeds as any dog is capable of aggression.

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