Stop Dog Aggression: Follow These 5 Suggestions

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Does your dog curl her lip from time to time or growl at you? Does he get frustrated easily and start attacking toys and other objects for no apparent reason? Does your pooch try to mount you or herd small children? If any of the above applies then you immediately need to think about stopping dog aggression. All are signs of aggression, although there are others too. As such, you need to be vigilant for them and all other signs so that you can stop dog aggression in its tracks!

As soon as you can identify the signs, you need to deal with it and begin to stop dog aggression immediately. Sounds easy enough. It might, but sometimes it really is not that easy at all. You need the correct tools at your disposal when stopping dog aggression because without them you will find that your methods may not work. The following essential tips will help you:

1. Don’t cut your dog any slack. Once he displays aggressive growling or biting behavior it’s time to step up to the plate and become the alpha leader. Get in your dog’s space and tell him NO in a stern voice immediately. Turn him over on his back if you need to. Don’t loose your temper. Be firm! You want to control dog aggression.

2. Socialize your dog because getting him or her used to people and dogs alike will help to teach manners and appropriate social behavior. This can also eliminate anxiety so you can have peace of mind that your attempts of stopping dog aggression will work.

3. Never give up because no two dogs are the same. What works for one may not work for another in terms of discipline and encouraging good behavior. Try several different techniques and methods until you find the one that works best for you because all of that effort will be worth it in the end.

4. Assert rules at home when stopping dog aggression because if your dog does not have to obey certain rules there then he or she will not obey them anywhere else.

5. Finally, if all else fails, employ a trainer or go to obedience classes for a fresh perspective. Stopping dog aggression via classes can give you a break and help you to learn as well. You may just need someone to role model in the behaviors needed to show your dog who is boss.

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