Dog Aggression – What Signs Do You Need To Recognize

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Believe it or not, stopping dog aggression does not start soon enough in many homes with dogs that exhibit some sort of aggressive behavior. This is because some owners either ignore the behavior and dismiss it as a one off or just simply do not recognize aggression in dogs.

The only way to solve this is to acquaint yourself with the signs that you need to know in order to get a jump start on stopping dog aggression sooner rather than later.

The most common signs of aggression are widely recognized by all dog owners and yet few go about stopping dog aggression immediately. The dog will growl, snarl, curl his lip, bite or snap at a human, animal or object. It can be just one of the above or a combination ? either way, it is aggression.

There are other more subtle signs of aggression though that you may not notice. These can appear at any time, either singularly or in a combination, but very few trigger stopping dog aggression because few owners recognize them.

These are behaviors of an aggressive dog that every owner should know of and watch for.

1. blocking a doorway or path

2. mounting people

3. lunging

4. barking and advancing slowly but deliberately

Now that you know the signs of dog aggression you must become equipped to start dealing with your dog’s aggression. Understand that aggression that is not directed at humans is still aggression.

Many owners ignore it providing that a human does not get hurt or feel threatened as a result. However any form of aggression should be dealt with regardless of where it is directed. You wouldn’t want your dog to kill your neighbor’s cat or small dog or heaven forbid, a small child!

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