How To Stop A Dog Barking: How To Use A Water Gun To Train Dogs To Stop Barking

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How To Stop A Dog Barking

If your dog is an excessive barker and literally keeping you and the neighbors up at night, you have the responsibility to take a little time and properly communicate to your dog that it is not okay to bark for no apparent reason. The key to such communication and effective dog training lies within a few simple techniques, one of which we will touch up on below.

Train Dogs To Stop Barking Using The Water Gun Method

The water gun method is the most effective trick to train dogs to stop barking. However I would recommend this as a last resort and try communicating with your dog in other ways first.

The water gun is easy, and a relatively humane way of getting your point across. If you can’t figure out a better way to interact with your dog, it won’t harm him. For an investment of just the few dollars, combined with a little imagination and some water, there can be quiet for you, peace or your neighbors, and a calm demeanor for your dog.

Remembering that dogs learn by associating their actions with pleasing or displeasing results, resolve to give your dog at least six to seven days of proper training for his excessive barking. In cases of these types of barking problems, it really does take about a week for your dog to get the point.

When your dog is guilty of excessive barking, calmly take your water gun andĀ  with a big smile on your faceĀ  go to him and give him a shot right between the eyes, while at the same time giving firm verbal command such as NO or OUT.

Without saying another word, go back into the house and be ready to repeat this lesson. From now on your goal is to be consistent and have the attitude that whenever your dog barks, he is really asking you to come out and give him a squirt of water! These three simple steps is all you need to remember whenever your dog is barking for no reason:

1. Give one sudden squirt.

2. Speak a verbal command.

3. Repeat whenever you hear barking.

Consider This

If you’re going out to spray your dog with water every time he barks then why not just tell your dog “no bark” and give him some attention. While you’re out there take a look around and ask your dog what he sees. Maybe he’s guarding. If you find nothing then give the command “no bark”. If he keeps barking then use the water gun and firmly Command “no bark”.

How To Stop A Dog Barking: Do Not Underestimate Your Dog’s Intelligence

If you do not think that this simple method works, give it a few days. I guarantee that you will hear less and less excessive barking coming from your dog. Before you know it, he will come to the conclusion that you just don’t understand dog talk at all, and he will not want to continue being squirted in the face. Your dog is an intelligent creature that responds to repetition. In under a week, he will decide that he doesn’t like your little game and the barking will stop.

Your dog will understand that the best way to avoid being squirted from your silly water gun is to keep his mouth quiet. After five to six days of proper training in this regard, if your dog happens to forget his barking lesson, all it should take to put him back in place is to give the same firm command which accompanied the water gun sprays. However, no squirting will be necessary, as he will relate the firm command to the feel of being squirted with water, and the barking will stop.

You’ve now trained your dog not to bark. So don’t be upset if he lets a robber in the back yard.

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