Let The Flyball Season Begin! Having Fun with Your Pet

Breeze the Border Collie flyball training
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Flyball is a fun sport for you and your dog. This is a relay race where there are teams of 4 dogs, their humans, four jumps, and a box which tosses a ball. The dogs are then released one at a time. Then they race over the jumps, land on the box which triggers a ball and then race back over the jumps with the ball in their mouth.

Then the next dog is released to start running. There are two lanes of dogs that race side by side. The first team to complete the course wins. This is going to be definitely  fun for dogs, and human.

Hot Diggity Dogs flyball club started in 1999 by Natalie and Denny Cornell. After many years of hard work they now have an indoor training ring and has diverse members coming from all ages from all over the area.

For more information about the Hot Diggity Dogs Flyball Club call 1-613-398-0002.

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Let The Flyball Season Begin! Having Fun with Your Pet — 1 Comment

  1. The picture is worth a thousand words. Clearly he’s enjoying himself and the workout. I wish we had one in our neighborhood.

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