Another Dog Story: Dog Saves Family from Fire

House on Fire
Image by dvs via Flickr

At Cumberland County, PA, one of the dogs of a family bumped a knob on the stove and caused fire. This happened in the 5300 block of Erbs Bridge Road in Hampden Township  Sunday morning. The fire spreadto the whole kitchen.

Another one of the family’s dogs, a 2-year-old coonhound woke Tyler Hay up, whose bedroom is near the kitchen.

“He pulled me off the bed and then I woke up and I just saw pitch black,” said Hay.

The family said that they usually take the knobs off. The dog that nudged the knob, Paige, died in the fire along with other pets.

“I get emotional when I think about it. We can replace dogs — not their personalities, but we can get more dogs. We can’t replace Tyler,” said Howard Hay, Tyler’s father.

According to the fire investigators, the family is lucky enough to be alive. The house had no working smoke detectors.

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