Is Your Dog Showing Symptoms of Depression?

Depressed Dog Sinks into the Swamps of Sadness.
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Depression does not only affect humans but dogs as well. When dogs are depressed, they are sleepy, do not eat properly, and do not like to go out for walks. In extreme cases, they lose a lot of weight.

Dogs are used to the environment where they live. If there is a change of location or owner, it can make a dog depressed. Weather changes can also be a cause of depression in dogs. Dogs can sense a death of a family member and this can also cause them to be depressed, just like the family members.

A depressed dog can show a lot of symptoms such as loss of interest in the activities that happen around him. He will not want to play or run around and be unmotivated. If your dog is always asking for food when you are eating, you will noticed that this will cease when your dog is depressed. A drastic weight loss is can be a symptom so bring your pet to the vet immediately.

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