Dog Barking Problems? Driving With A Barking Dog Can Cause An Accident!

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Being trapped within the car during a lengthy drive while your dog is barking nonstop is enough to make you truly distressed.

Every moving thing that your dog views out the window, including other dogs, cats, cars, individuals, even still objects like houses, are enough to make your dog respond in a territorial manner which results in too much barking.

When one subject vanishes out of your dog’s view, another one reappears, and on and on it goes…

Most of us get so irritated that we result to yelling at our dog in order to get him to be quiet. Unfortunately, this strategy only adds more exhilaration to your dog’s high levels of stress and anxiety.

By yelling at him, your dog’s mind confirms that you feel similarly and now you have got nothing but a loud circus going on while you are attempting to concentrate on the road.

The good news is that with some education and some persistence, you can gradually reduce your dog’s incessant barking when you are out for a drive.

Here are a few ideas to guide you along the way:

1. For starters, if you want your dog to be more relaxed and laid back, try being a role model. Play some soft music and stay quiet and collected whenever your dog gets excited.

Slowly caress his head and speak to him soothingly while he is barking. You will end up being surprised at just how quickly your dog or puppy will turn his head towards you to enjoy much more of the attention, and of course, without the barking!

2. For a more drastic training method, there is absolutely nothing wrong about carrying a little water bottle in which you can spray your dog each occasion he starts to bark loudly. Most puppies and dogs completely hate getting a quick burst of water sprayed on them.

Generally, they will instantly cease whatever it is that they are doing. And be certain to provide a firm command at the same time you spray your family pet. Eventually, you can substitute the water bottle with this order because your dog will associate it with the same surprising encounter of getting sprayed with water.

3. Try using a crate. A really simple solution is to use a crate that your dog can stay in when you need to drive somewhere with him. The crate should be visually restricted so that your dog does not get triggered by all of the action he can notice out of the window.

This in itself is sufficient to keep your dog from barking excessively. Of course this may be challenging if you have a big dog. However, using a crate is a ideal way to prevent small to medium-sized dogs silent while you’re on the road.

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