Potty Training Your Puppy: How To Teach Your Pup Exactly When & Where You Want It To Go Potty

Image via Wikipedia Although a dog crate is a wonderful training tool, that’s not all there is to housetraining your puppy. You also want to teach your dog where you want it to relieve itself and a command that he … Continue reading

Potty Training Your Puppy: Why A Dog Crate Makes Housetraining Easy

Crate Training A Puppy All dogs are born with the instinct to keep their beds clean and as soon as their legs are strong enough to support them, puppies will toddle away from their littermates to relieve themselves. Before that, … Continue reading

Practical Potty Training For Puppies: The Secret Is In The Schedule

Image by Getty Images via Daylife House Training Older Dog: The Rescue Dog Fred and Barbra Thompson just adopted a 5-month-old black Lab Retriever puppy from the local rescue pound. The animal shelter informed Fred and Barbra that the dog … Continue reading