When Your Normally Behaved Dog Misbehaves: How to Stop Dog Pulling on Leash


You are walking down the street when suddenly your normally behaved dog becomes aggressive and starts to pull on the leash and you want to know how to stop dog pulling on leash.

He is usually not aggressive but when there are other dogs and other pepole, your dog becomes aggressive and it makes you want to keep him at home all the time.

But do not worry though because there are some ways that you can deal with leash aggression and still both get quality time and exercise.

Divert the attention of your dog by using a command lke sit or down so that this will keep him occupied and distracted.

Dogs can read our body signals. Since dogs becomes aggressive when he sees other dogs, do not tense up when you meet other dogs along the way. Just stay calm.

There are some dog training tools for dogs who lunge such as muzzles and gentle leader harnesses. But it is important that you do not rely on these things.

Leash aggression is common but it can be a very big problem so you have to better fix this problem when that happens before it gets out of hand.

The stay command will prove to be useful and it will impress other dog owners. Of course, do not forget to give treats and praises when you dog did it right.

If your dog knows the sit or lie command, then teach him the stay. You’ll see the progress in no time. Make your dog stay for longer periods of time and when you are happy with his performance, do not forget the reward.

Keep in mind that dogs have short attention span so do not train for a very long time.

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