Top 3 Secrets to Stop Puppy Biting


If you have been reading up on how to stop puppy biting then you may have found an entire crop of resources that you can use with a massive range of methods and opposed recommendation. There are plenty of tips out there, many from owners that have experienced some success to stop puppy biting and trainers that have learned the best techniques through their job over time. However , if you’re to stop puppy biting then you need to find the best techniques for you and bear the following three necessary tips in mind :

1. Never allow the little puppy to bite clothing – If your puppy bites clothing or shoes when you are attempting to stop puppy biting then it should be stopped straight away because you cannot tell how hard or soft the bites are and thus can’t control them. You’ve got to be in a position to draw the line so your dog must only be permitted to bite your hands.

2. Control play biting by only permitting it to happen during play – Biting of any kind should only be put up with during play time when you’re making an attempt to stop puppy biting. It should not be allowed at any other time because your puppy will not be ready to differentiate between when he’s permitted to play bite and when biting isn’t satisfactory at all. By limiting play biting, your little dog will learn more then he otherwise would.

3. Do not punish your dog for biting as it is not effective – Puppies will not make a response to negative feedback if they are trying to learn something. Try using positive beefing up instead.

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Top 3 Secrets to Stop Puppy Biting — 1 Comment

  1. A great and well detailed post :)

    If you want your dog to prevent biting, you have to spend some time with your dog.. Knowing dog’s behavior is the perfect idea to know the reason behind dog’s aggressiveness. This will help you and your dog in a playful mood..!!

    Thanks for writing on this wonderful topic :)

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