Stopping Dog Aggression: Aggression Around Food

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If you have resolved to train your dog and give him or her a solid foundation of good behavior then stopping dog aggression is a great place to start. More specifically, stopping dog aggression in relation to food is the best place to start. Food aggression can be displayed by most dogs that show aggressive tendencies and is possible in all breeds. This is because most dogs like to be left alone while eating and growl as a way of marking their territory.

First of all, pay attention to it and don’t let it get out of control. You must deal with it as stopping dog aggression can prevent further aggression.

Food aggression can be one of many aggression issues a dog has or a sole issue. Some dogs have no other behavior problems at all. Either way though, stopping dog aggression related to its food has to be a priority to prevent your dog going on attack when he or she feels that the food, and his own survival is threatened.

Preventing aggression over food is an important first step in stopping dog aggression and it can take a few weeks to achieve results. However, you should persist because it will pay dividends.

First make sure that all experiences with food are positive. For example, add a little food to the bowl or offer a treat if he or she growls. The growling will soon stop but this may take a little time. You may also like to try splitting food into two bowls because your dog cannot guard both and will have no choice but to allow you contact. This will give you a great start and go some way to stopping dog aggression.

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