Stop Dog Aggression In Its Tracks!

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Stopping dog aggression is essential if you want to ensure that your dog lives a long and happy life. This is because aggression is a sign of insecurity, anxiety and fear in many cases. Because of this, as soon as dog aggression occurs, you must put an end to it immediately, so your dog feels more secure and can live a happy life.

This may sound obvious, but too many owners ignore aggression problems. They either deal with it later or ignore it completely. Both are wrong because the dog needs to know what he or she has done wrong right away. Otherwise there is no chance for learning because your dog quickly forgets. Stopping aggression in its tracks is an absolute must.

Stopping dog aggression immediately will alert your dog to what is wrong behavior and discourage them from doing specific acts again. It enables them to know what they just did was wrong, however, you need to be able to correct him right as it happens!

Pay close attention to every detail of your dog’s behavior so you don’t miss any small signs of aggression. You might miss minor acts of aggression because you may look for outward signs like barking, growling and even snarling. However, trying to sneak food, for example, and generally undermine you is just as bad because it challenges you and can lead to territorial and possessive aggression as well as a lack of discipline.

Before you can go about stopping dog aggression in its tracks, you need to be able to find a good deterrent that will reinforce the fact that it is bad behavior. Brief time outs are really good because dogs do not like being left alone. Similarly, you could use a shaker as the noises made do not sit well with dogs. Whatever you use for stopping dog aggression though, make sure you use it as and when needed as soon as an incident occurs.

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