Stop a Dog Pulling on the Leash

johnpatch1smAny dog that pulls on the leash needs to be taught how to walk in harmony with its owner. A dog that pulls on a leash has developed a bad habit that should be broken. You probably never developed a system with your dog and that is why he is always pulling.

Many people just put the leash on a new puppy and then start pulling him down the road expecting him to follow happily along. But puppies and dogs are not born with the innate ability to know that a leash means pay attention and follow me.

As a responsible pet owner, you have to show the puppy or dog what you want him to do. Probably a dog’s first instinct when presented with such a restriction that a dog leash imposes is to get away and pulling on the leash is the result. Without a communication system in place between puppy and owner, the dog and owner keep reinforcing this unhappy behavior.

A dog pulling on a leash is both bad for dog and pet owner. The dog’s neck and vocal chords can become damaged with excessive pulling. Owners can be pulled so hard that wrists and arms get pulled causing damage, or the dog can actually pull over children and adults on ice or solid pavements causing injury.

A good dog trainer teaches pet owners to put a long line on a dog and pay close attention to the connection between you, the pet owner, and the dog. He tells you to get your dogs attention using his name and then to direct your dog using the commands “this way” and “close”.

You don’t need expensive or invasive equipment to change a dog’s behavior. A simple long line works very effectively if used correctly with a system that can be learned easily by both you and your dog.

If you are tired of using haltis, choke chains and prong collars on your unresponsive, neck pulling dog you need to develop a communication system that is easy for you and your dog to implement that will stop dog pulling on the leash. If you are a visual person you may benefit from watching a dog trainer teach a dog not to pull on a leash so that you will be able to copy what you see and have success with your dog.

Lana Hawkins started in 2009 to share exceptional dog training and dog care information with responsible pet owners who are interested in building a better connection with their dogs.

If you are having issues with your dog pulling on the leash then Lana recommends getting to know John Spieser in the free audio interview where he discusses long line dog training along with three other very informative videos that will improve your relationship with your dog.

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To be a good Ambassador for Dogs I am sending this information out to the universe in hopes that if finds people in need of help with their dog and motivates them to be persistent when working with their dog. If you ever had to give up your dog wouldn't it be good to know that your dog is so well behaved that ten people you know would jump at the chance to take your dog to their home. There are no bad dogs, just misunderstandings between humans and canines. Let's learn more about dogs.


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