Royal Girlfriend Had to Dig Through Poop

Royal girlfriend Kate Middleton had to dig through her dog’s poop after her cocker spaniel ate a pair of pricey pearl earring that Prince William gave her. Kate just loved the antique studs that the Prince gave her for her 28th birthday.

According to a friend of Middleton, “She knew William had spent a lot of money on the earrings and she was embarrassed that she had mislaid them.”

Middleton suspected that Otto was the one who chewed the earrings. She walked her dog a couple of times daily in the hope of getting back the studs. Eventually Otto let it out but the earrings were beyond repair. The prince offered to buy Kate a new pair.

“He said the main thing was that Otto was okay,” the source told the Mail. “He adores the dog, who’s very sweet.”

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