Guide Dogs Need a Temporary House

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Seven guide dogs need homes temporarily while their owners are away. Volunteers will be trained so that they can look after the dogs.

According to the local Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, it would be better if the boarder will be able to look after the dogs all of the time. The candidates would be those who are retired, working from home, or those who are able to take the dog to their workplace.

Homes must be big enough to house a large dog and the garden must be safe and secure. It is preferred that there are no other pets.

The guide dog will have to walk at least twice a day and must follow a set of rules on exercise, grooming and diet.

If there is any variation in the routine of the dog, it can affect its ability to guide and if the rules are broken, the dog may have to be retrained which costs quite a lot.

At the moment when their owners are unable to look after them they’re flown to a guide dog training centre in Exeter, which is time consuming and expensive.

Ken Syvret is chairman of the Jersey branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. He said that,”It’s not a difficult job we’re asking people to do but it is one that is important as far as the dogs health and care is concerned.

“There are three things we need to look at, the feeding of the dog, the grooming of the dog and more importantly the walking of the dog,” said Ken.

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