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js-longlingI recently interviewed John Spieser, the founder of Dogheart dog training services. He uses “The Long Line Dog Training Method” to gain directional control and harmony with a dog. This method can be used with a puppy or adult dog with great results.

Stop dog pulling on leash too!

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John developed the long line dog training method and has used it with dogs for many years with great results.

  • If you have a dog that pulls on a leash, or you use a “gentle leader”, choke collar or prong collar then this interview is for you.
  • Is your puppy or dog getting the exercise needed? This methods gives you a way for your dog to get the exercise it requires.
  • Do you want to train your new puppy right from the start? You must listen to this.

Consistency is the key. If you practice every day, even a stubborn donkey of a dog (like mine) will “get it” and you’ll be walking in sync with your dog in no time. Your dog will be walking with you by choice, not by force.

You can listen to this 30 minute interview today. Go to this page an request a copy for free. It’s in mp3 format so you can listen one the web, your ipod or download it to your computer.

John has an excellent rapport with dogs and dogs are his life. I trust John’s judgement and intelligence when it comes to any issues relating to dogs.

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