Dog Training Schools Need to Teach the Dog Training Pyramid

Last night John Spieser reviewed the dog training pyramid in his seminar Ambassadors for Dogs Part 2. This series of seminars should be used by dog training schools because it gives a person a tremendous background and foundational information about dog behavior, health, breeds and environment that need to be in place before successful training can take place.

Anyone looking for dog training schools might want to investigate the quality of the teachings before signing up for a system of dog training that may be outdated or detrimental to the dog. John Spieser would be considered a new school dog trainer. He balances compassion for the dog with obedience required from the dog in his methods.

Old school dog trainers rely more heavily on discipline and use discipline when it is not necessary. One dog training video that was recently reviewed showed the dog trainer using invasive equipment on a small puppy. It is unnecessary to use anything more than a flat collar when training new puppy. The puppy doesn’t know anything yet and hasn’t learned any bad behaviors. It’s easy to teach a young pup how to come using a long line and his flat collar if done correctly. There is no need for any command collars or flat collars ot this time.

Also, other dog training schools advocate the use of food rewards in dog or puppy training. This can be overdone. If you are basically bribing a dog to do something for a treat, then the dog is training you. Giving a dog an unexpected treat for appropriate behavior is acceptable.

I will get the dog training pyramid up for your review. Also we’ll be making the entire 4 hour Ambassadors for Dogs training series available in a few weeks. The seminars will continue covering valuable information regarding the shaping of your dog or puppy’s behavior. And I will be sharing portions with you on this site.

If you are considering finding dog training schools to teach you about dog training then you’ll want to see for yourself every Ambassadors for Dogs dog training video. John Spieser balances compassion and discipline in dog training reflecting the well adjusted mother dog’s behavior towards her pups.

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