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There are probably as many dog training methods as there are dog trainers out in the world of dogs. Each dog trainer has a particular spin on dog training. Every dog trainer needs to motivate a dog in a way so that the dog behaves in a desired way.

So dog training methods are based in motivation of the dog. What motivates you the most? Is it when someone yells at you? Maybe you really appreciate this if it happens infrequently and right before your about to hit by a bus!

If someone yells at you all the time, chances are you’re going to tune it out or normalize it in your head. It just won’t matter, but it will still be pretty annoying. That’s how I’ve seen it with dogs.

I have friends who (try to) motivate their dogs by yelling at them. No they SCREAM! at them. The dogs don’t care any more. They’ve learned to tune it out.

I’m a proponent of sane living so I like it when I see a dog trainer talking peacefully to a dog. Seeing a dog responding to this kind of dog training method gives me hope for a saner world.

You can talk to you dog in a normal voice and expect response. Sometimes you’ll need to increase your energy, but you know your dog will listen to you because that is something out of the ordinary and your dog is going to be surprised, if not curious.

Getting your dog’s attention is a key part of the dog trainer’s dog training method. How you choose to communicate with your dog speaks volumes about your relationship with your dog.

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To be a good Ambassador for Dogs I am sending this information out to the universe in hopes that if finds people in need of help with their dog and motivates them to be persistent when working with their dog. If you ever had to give up your dog wouldn't it be good to know that your dog is so well behaved that ten people you know would jump at the chance to take your dog to their home. There are no bad dogs, just misunderstandings between humans and canines. Let's learn more about dogs.

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