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Getting a dog a few years ago opened my eyes to just how unfriendly the Midwest (USA) is to people with dogs.  Somehow I thought that I’d be able to walk my dog, off leash, just about everywhere, especially in places like forests and beaches.

Big surprise!  Dogs must be on a 6 foot leash every where I go.  Or worse: No Dogs Allowed.

Well I’m going to post every good looking dog friendly place I run across on this website and the facebook page.  Please feel free to leave a comment about dog friendly places you’ve discovered and want to share with dog lovers around the world.

Here is one I just discovered in North Carolina.  And I’ve copied a few testimonials for you from dog owners who visited the place.

Blue Ridge Cozy Cabin, near Hendersonville, NC.

I like that you allow pets, letting dog outside without leash. Liked the adequately equipped kitchen. I loved the flowers and especially their scent. It is a beautiful setting and exactly what I needed as a base for hiking with my dog. Thanks for everything. Maribeth; North Carolina; November, 2009.

We liked the peace & quiet. The location was central to surrounding areas. DuPont Forest does appear to be very neat – fishing, swimming, etc. The cabin was very nice and had everything we needed – thanks so much! Shorty, our dog, loved laying in his bed next to the warmth of the fireplace. Doug and Cindy; South Carolina; January, 2010.

Read more at their site.

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