Can You Receive a Ticket for Your Dog Barking?

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ASK Anna Walker:

One reader recently asked “Can you receive a ticket for your dog barking?

YES!!! Cha-ching$. A barking dog is a nusiance to neighbors and maybe even you. Craig Mixon has written an entire website devoted to dog barking called There is a section (three)  on laws about dog barking and it is very technical in my opinion.  If you want to study this check it out.

If your neighbor accuses your dog of being a nuisance, then it is going to cost you time and trouble to take care of it.  Better to train your dog not to bark so much or bring him in the house and give him some attention.  He’s probably bored if he’s alone in his yard.

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Can You Receive a Ticket for Your Dog Barking? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I rescued a yorkie poo about a year and a half ago. He showed signs of aggression and has gotten much better trusting us. There is myself my husband and my 17 year old daughter.
    We walk him and he plays all the time.
    He still has a couple of issues we could really use help with.
    When someone is in bed and he gets in bed, if someone walks in the bedroom he sometimes acts like he is a guard dog and acts as if he would bite someone. He did bite me when we first got him twice. I would love to know how to help him with the issue. He is ok if I get up and do something and come back to bed.
    He does this also if my husband is in the shower, he acts like is is guarding the bathroom. He acts a little mean.
    He also barks horribly when we leave for work. I have been having him sit down, and give him a treat before I leave.
    Not sure if that is the correct thing to do for him.
    He is about 8-9 lbs and we had him neutered when we got him.

    He doesn’t bother anything in the house as far as destruction or go to the bathroom in the house. Some times I have caught him lifting his leg. Not very ofter. I did talk to him about it and say no.
    Any help for this little guy would be appreciated.


  2. Hi Pam, I have a few ideas about this and want to let you know that I’ll suggest some training tips asap. Right now I am on the road. There is a dominance issue. You and your husband need be the boss, of your yorkie poo. Yorkie Poo thinks he’s the alpha dog. Do you have a crate? More soon…

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