AT&T Has Partnered with Apisphere

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AT&T has partnered with Apisphere, a location-tracking specialist to create a dog collar that has an embedded SIM card so that you will no longer lose your beloved pet ever again. Pet owners simply have to put on the collar to their dogs and set up a fence that will enable alert whenever your dog goes far. You can easily track your dog by using a software.

Since this is utilizing a SIM technology, there is a list of contacts that can be notified whenever your dog has gone away.

“There are few things as important to my daughter as knowing the whereabouts of our dog. The peace of mind that a wirelessly connected collar will bring my family and pet owners across the country is long overdue,” said president of AT&T’s Emerging Devices division, Glenn Lurie.

This smart dog collar will be available on the later part of the year.

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