How To Train a Dog: Punishing a Dog?

Never punish a dog. The goal is communication with your dog and a correction of behavior is all that is needed. Continue reading

How To Train A Dog To Stop Barking: Dog Obedience Training Plays A Big Part

Obedience training a dog goes a long way to help in other training situations. If you dog has a barking problem enforcing simple obedience can improve barking behavior quickly. Continue reading

How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking: First Determine the Cause

Persistent and uncontrolled barking is totally annoying to you and your neighbors. If you want to take control of a dog barking situation you’ll need to first understand what is causing your dog to bark excessively. It shouldn’t be too hard.
Here is a short list of why dogs bark. Perhaps one of them fits your situation: Continue reading

Dog Takes Himself to San Juan Regional Medical Center

(photo credits: At the emergency room of San Juan Regional Medical Center, a German Shepherd mix with blood on his nose and paw walked in. The dog also had a small puncture wound on one of his rear legs. … Continue reading

Dog Training: Add Corrections to Positive Reinforcement Training For Best Results

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement In dog training you can use positive and negative reinforcement to get your dog to behave well.  Positive reinforcement for good behavior may be praise, a treat, pat on the … Continue reading

Royal Girlfriend Had to Dig Through Poop

Royal girlfriend Kate Middleton had to dig through her dog’s poop after her cocker spaniel ate a pair of pricey pearl earring that Prince William gave her. Kate just loved the antique studs that the Prince gave her for her … Continue reading